Thrive Africa
A giving circle for and by Africans in the Diaspora

Founded on the spirit of ubuntu, is a giving circle created to provide financial support for African-led entities that provide vital services for US-based African immigrants, refugees, and asylees.

Who we are and what we believe

​ community members come from diverse ethnic, class, and professional backgrounds and are united by a shared commitment to ensuring African communities have the resources to survive and thrive in our home away from home.
For us ubuntu in action means we tap into that which has kept African people and our communities strong, resilient, and ultimately alive. We succeed together; no one is left behind. We hold each other up; no-one falls through the cracks. We see and celebrate our diverse experiences; no-one is made invisible.
We are the first US-based national giving circle [for us by us] to contribute towards adequate resourcing of organizations that support and are led by African immigrants, refugees, asylees and families.