Thrive Africa
A giving circle for and by Africans in the Diaspora

​​Why a giving circle?

Harambee. Mahaber. Nhimbe. Osusu. Susu.

These are a few of the names by which giving circles and related mutual aid practices are known in parts of East, West, and Southern Africa. draws on this rich shared tradition of our ancestral home and reimagines it in the United States for the benefit of the broader African communities that we are each part of.
We are keenly aware of insufficient and strings-attached institutional funding for African immigrant and refugee-led organizing and movement building in the US. Funding is crucial particularly in this time of massive displacement of people from the African continent and heightened race-based detention and deportation of black and brown immigrants in the US. We are thus compelled to draw on the resources within our communities as a - collective -  to create and sustain the change we seek. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement that has spread across the globe, we come together to resource and prioritize African immigrant and refugee voices and leaders within US social justice movements.
Our goals

  • To help fund organizations serving the African immigrant and refugee community in the US.
  • To build bridges between African immigrant/refugee/asylee communities while ensuring all our kin, including those who are transgender, queer, disabled, and HIV+ are at the table.
  • To activate and reclaim our philanthropic roots for the benefit of local US based African communities.
  • To build political community with shared values.

​​​​​​​Announcing our inaugural grantees!

We are thrilled to announce our 2018 grantees: African Advocacy Network in San Franciso and Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans in San Diego. These two organizations, each with under 10 staff, are doing phenomenal work in their communities. Support their work!
African Advocacy Network (AAN) is a San Francisco-based nonprofit founded in 2009 to serve the growing Diaspora of African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants. AAN provides immigration legal services, case management, and social integration services based on a unique Cultural Brokering model. AAN couples these programs with experienced and trained linguistic capacity in more than 10 languages that span the African continent such as Amharic, Tigrinya, and Arabic to French, Wolof, Berber, Sonufu, and more. 

The​​  Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans  serves African refugees and immigrants through research, policy advocacy and organizing to advance the full economic, social and civic inclusion of refugees. PANA seeks to create leadership pathways for it members by providing transportation support, improving translation and interpretation tools and resources, and creating a fellowship and leadership development program that allows community members to advocate for the policies and practices that impact their lives.